Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Blog

Hey everyone! I know it has been a while since I have posted something new, I have been SWAMPED! Evidentally when I say I am taking a hiatus, I don't mean it, but the flurry of photo activity has finally started to slow and I can turn my work efforts to other things, such as my new blog (I know, I was supposed to have it up in November, but then there was the ghost in my photo and I got all distracted, I even considered switching careers and joining up with the utah ghost hunters society but they wouldn't have me, something about me being to odd, and so I am back). If you would pretty please click the following link and also maybe if you like me bookmark it and visit it other times as well, I would be super happy, and so will one of you, since I am sponsoring a contest for one random comment sender. So get ready, get set, click here now!


Notice there is no www at the beginning? I am not sure what that even means, but less typing for me so I guess it is good news, right? Ok, now click the link....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sixty Five Percent Sure it is My Sweatshirt...

I went to Elizabeth C. Price elementary school in Humelstown, PA for the third grade, and my class room was in the basement of a school that according to Brad Something or Other (who was also in the third grade) was built on the ruins of an old Indian Burial ground and was naturally haunted by Elizabeth C. Price herself. I spent an entire week not sleeping because I totally believed Kimmie C. when she said she had gone into the bathroom where the ghost was known to be and said "Elizabeth Price, are you there?" and in response, she heard a very ghostly whisper, "Yeeeesss". Scary, right? What eight year old would not freak out, I ask you? Anyway, aside from the time I was showing an estate sale home to some clients and while we were in the basement we heard a giant crash upstairs and my client told me she knew it was the ghost of the man who had passed away there, I have had very little to do with the supernatural. (incidentally, they did not buy that house, we ran out of there like wild dogs were nipping at our heals.)

Well, you will remember my post from back in May about the Memory Grove ghost (if not, click here. ) Now every time I go to do photos at Memory Grove I make really dumb jokes about the ghost and last week with the Cassity family it was no exception. Jen was wearing a purple sweater so of course I had to point out that the ghost would probably appear and check her out, to which her husband responded, "ya, I can definately feel something strange up here." I shut up after that because I was starting to scare myself a little. We finished the shoot, and that was the end of it. Until of course I got the text from Jen after I put the previews up on my blog. Please keep in mind that the whole house was dark, everyone was asleep but me and the text said "carrie, you got the ghost, call me right away!!". I am not going to lie, dear readers, I came pretty close to peeing my pants, and since it was so late I didn't dare look at the pictures that I knew she must be referring to until the next day. I am sure many of you have seen the picture since then because I spent the better part of the day showing people and asking their opinions (including but certainly not limited to Jim from Real Estate.com and the receptionist at Paiges Karate school.) But in case you haven't, here it is again.

Its a face, right? to the right of his head and just below the door handle? I spent the better part of Wednesday googling the memory grove ghost, going over the other photos from the shoot and trying to logically determine what it could be. And after all of that, I have come to an either or conclusion. Either it is an unfortunately shaped reflection of my sweatshirt or it is a disembodied face, looking directly at Jen and her purple sweater. Jen pointed out to me that she was standing directly in the face's line of sight at the time the photo was taken, we know this because I had her on deck to hop the fence and get in the photo with her family right then. So what do you think? Is it a ghost? All the other pictures in that same location show my reflection in the window panes on the right door, but this one doesn't show any reflection at all.

I put in a request for answers with the Salt Lake Independant Ghost Hunters Team, (yes, its real) I guess we will see what they have to say, in the mean time, YIKES!! But I am still going to shoot at Memory Grove this week, the light up there is amazing!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The minis and more

I was talking to my friend Jen about doing some family sessions for some of her friends before the holidays, and since I was a little short on time, she came up with the idea to cram four mini sessions into a two hour block of time so we could fit everyone in. I have photographer friends who do mini sessions all the time but for one reason or another I didn't think I would be able to pull one off and although I had my doubts, I thought it was one of the more exciting photo sessions I have done in a long long time. Of course I had my right arm and sidekick Linda there with me which was wonderful, and even though one family that came to the session knew her name but not mine, I tried not to take it too personally, I really need to get my ego in check and remember that although I think it often, I am not a superstar:) It was a fun fun night and I would love to start doing mini sessions on a regular basis, so if anyone is interested in setting one up, please let me know, I will be booking sessions again soon, I promise..(incidentally, if you are wondering, minis are easier on the wallet, too).
Mini session families, you guys are AWESOME!!!! Linda and I could not stop talking about how much fun we had on this shoot, please please please lets do it again sometime soon!!!

As a secondary note, I have a brand new blog coming to a google reader near you! My very talented friend Derek has been putting it together, and is patiently awaiting my switch, but if I can be frank, dear readers, I have been hesitant to switch because I am not sure all four of you would make the move with me. So I have to ask, will you? Pretty please make the switch? As bonus incentive, I am going to have a contest on my very first blog entry at my new digs, so be ready to leave a comment, you who read my blog and write nary a hello...(you know who you are, but I won't name names)

I used a fill flash on this one, I almost never like using a flash but this one I thought turned out pretty cool.

Funny faces.

This has to be the last photo because I LOVE it! and it was accidental! I wish I could say that I meant to light them this way, that it was all part of my awesome raw talent, but here is what happened, I was swearing as usual at the stupid flash, because it wasn't firing, and then I forgot it was on, since, like i just said, it wasn't firing, and while it was pointed at the black concrete, it went off, and bounced up, and voila.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kristen, again...

Welp, it has been brought to my attention that I have been doing pictures of Kristens kids for four years now, and I am shocked. A lot has changed since the first day you brought sweet Sophie over to the basement half studio, Kristen, but it really really moves me to know that you have stuck with me as your family photog through all the dust and change, I love your family, and I love that you like my pictures. And I love that the pictures are the reason we met and that I consider you to be a great friend. Thank you thank you thank you, a million times over, for coming to me!!!! The illustriuos Linda caught these pictures of cute Duncan, who for some reason likes her way better then me, a small blow to the ego, but since it is Linda and she is fabulous, I will get over it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have background music. Have I written about this before? Well, you are getting it again, because this weekend I had AWESOME background music and I need to share it, readers. Should I explain that my background music is just like a movie soundtrack and frequently changes according to my moods? I don't know how many people experience life soundtracks so I don't know if it is normal or not... I even have background music in my dreams, like that time I was dreaming I was walking through a dark parking lot after it rained and the lone street lamp was reflecting on the wet, black asphalt as I slowly approached an unknown horror at the other side? The soundtrack for that was "Hazard" by Bryan Adams. Anyway, my background music is usually at its loudest during my best photo sessions and this weekend, while I was doing Carolyn's pictures, I was accompanied by my old friend Al Green and Lets Stay Together. It was fantastic. And while I was editing the pictures, it was still playing, over and over, like it was on repeat. Mike was in the kitchen, I was on the couch, both of us entrenched in our own heads, the room filled with productive silence, and suddenly, like a faulty speaker, poor Mike would hear "Yoouu make me feel, so brand newwwww..." and then back to the silence... did he know he was choosing a lunatic to be his bride when we got married? I don't know, but I think he likes me this way... Here are some pictures from the Al Green shoot... Carolyn, you are smokin hot, and I am so happy I finally got to meet Mia!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The super hero

She has always known she was super. And I don't mean super as in the stamp you used to get on your homework assignment in the second grade. I am talking full blown, larger then life, more. Super. She got invited to "super hero training camp" last month and could not contain her excitement or her curiosity about finally getting to see what she was made of. And she made it all the way through training, with flying colors. She got a pink cape, a pink mask, pink wrist shields and a certificate with her new super hero name on it. (she made me promise I wouldnt' disclose that name to the general public but rest assured, it does have the word "pink" in it)(also, as long as I am pausing the story with parenthesis, how cool is my friend Kim for throwing her son a super hero training camp birthday party?)

After the party, we went to the mall to pick up some hold items, and she asked if she could wear her newly aquired "uniform" inside. I hesitated. I mean, it was only September, wouldn't people look at her like she was that weird kid from the Santa Claus line in "A Christmas Story"? You know, the one with the goggles? But I let her wear it. Pink mask and all. And she walked into that front door with her head held high and proud, because she knew who she was. We finished up our shopping, got stopped by the tricksters at the curling iron kiosk, and as I was getting my hair magically curled, Paige suddenly took off in a sprint, her cape waving behind her. I called after her, I caught up, I demanded to know why she had taken off like that, didn't she know she could have gotten lost? "yes," she said, "but I thought I saw a kid about to fall from the second level and I needed to catch him." I hope she always knows who she is, as surely as she knows she is super.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cody's Family

They all have the most remarkable eyes! And Cody was so sweet and such a wonderful mom, and the kids were so accomodating, it was a great shoot! I hope you like the previews, Cody, thank you so much for calling me, I hope you guys had as much fun as I did!!!!

As a side note, I will be taking a "sabatical" after next week, for the month of December, or at least until Brett's treatments are underway, I have one slot left for next week so if you want it for a family shoot, or head shots, or whatever, please holla back!! Oh but don't worry, I will still be here on the blog to regale you with tales from the Butler household!